Refugee Reality

Have you ever moved?

Perhaps it was just across town or further afield, maybe an international relocation.

Moving requires adjustment.

No matter the country, city or town, there are laws and customs. Locals live with this knowledge every day but for a newcomer, the community can be a confusing place, a maze to navigate. Add to this social, cultural, and language barriers, and the situation can become frightening, daunting, impossible.

Fleeing from war-torn lands filled with death and destruction, the kind of refugees we assist aren’t looking for continuous handouts nor are they looking to disrupt society.

They want to put down new roots, work hard, raise their families and live productively.

All too often, that doesn’t happen. Refugees go from a physical hell to a psychological one, tossed into situations where they don’t know the local language or customs and with little or no appropriate or practical support. Established programmes often fail to meet the need due to mismanagement and prejudice, intentional or unintended.

International Student Rescue Mission (MRSI) helps newly relocated refugees adjust to their new surroundings, become part of the community, and establish themselves with hope for the future.

We ensure that refugees know the ins and outs and ups and downs of local life. We encourage them to retain their own customs and way of life but also help them to understand the laws and customs they will interact with every day.

MRSI takes on the task of familiarizing newly relocated refugees to their physical surroundings and everything it involves.