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If you’re going to help refugees, help us right!

Refugees are a political and societal hot topic right now.

What countries are they coming from? What cultures are they bringing? How much money is involved? What is the impact on the society of the country taking them in?

There’s so much to be said but no one can deny their condition is controversial.

But what if a solution was at hand, one that took away the controversy, alleviated the drain on the host country, and helped to ease the pain of those forced to relocate?

There is a better way – and you can help.

Our mission is to establish a healthier, more effective, compassionate and cost-effective approach to today’s refugee crisis, one where everyone involved comes out ahead.

This begins by acknowledging reality, no matter how ugly it might be. And yes, the refugee reality is ugly at times.

Yet there’s also hope to be found. There are good people out there with solid ideas and the ability to help however they can.

If you would like to know more about us, or ways you can help, please contact us.


Volunteer Program – share your strengths with us to help strengthen the lives of others

Join our team of talented students, professionals, trades people, young & old, here in New Zealand & internationally, to make a difference in the lives of others.

Share your skills, knowledge & experience with us to ensure everyone in a community go from surviving to thriving.

Contact us with your skills & availability. We’d love to hear from you.


Sponsorship Program – sponsor a refugee family to thrive close to home rather than in another country far away from what they know.

Help support refugees & their families go from surviving to thriving out of refugee camps & into a home of their own in the land they know rather than a world away where everything is different, unknown & unfamiliar, especially for those who are elderly & need their family, their friends & their culture to be happy.



Supporting refugees & local communities equally, to go from surviving to thriving through our MRSI Fund, where for every refugee family we bring to New Zealand, we equally support a local New Zealand family in need.